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Djm 600 Level lights and sampler not working :/

Ive bought a DJM-600 recently and since ive had it ive had a few problems

1) The Level Lights have not ever gone properly. There was one time when i turned it on the master light went for about a second but will not move when music is being played thru the mixer. I use Technics SL-1210's by the way.

2) The beat sample recorder will only go sometimes. I will press record and the red light flashes and does not stop. when i hit it to stop it and move to loop there is no sample? as many different things i do i haven't figured out why it goes sometimes and not others

Please help!!!!

Sebastian Wilson

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@Sebastien > I would direct you to contact technical support (links at the right) to have an authorized service shop take a look at it -- given that the mixer could be over 10 years old, there may be some issues internally.

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