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DJM900 recording

Hi All

trying to record to my laptop from my nexus and having some issues.  I have my decks connected to inputs 1 and 4 on my nexus and wanted to output from input 2 via usb 3/4 to my laptop but for some reason dont get the usb light turn on for usb 3/4.  I thought I had the right settings on the pioneer settings tool on my laptop but for some reason can never get the light on for usb 3/4 it always lights up for usb 1/2 only. 

What am i missing? Can anyone provide some steps to follow for this dumbass :)



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@thedom > You don't select USB on the mixer unless you want that to be your source for that channel.

If you want to record, open the DJM900 settings utility and set one of the outputs (USB) to be REC OUT (for example), then within your software, make sure you select the correct input channels from the mixer.

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