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DJM 900 NXS and Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Set Up Guide

DJM-900 NXS Troubleshooting Tips for Vynol Timecode

Pioneer FW and Driver Link:


1) Update DJM-900 Firmware to latest version. (Current version is 1.20) 29-June-2011

   1a) When connecting the DJM-900 to your computer. Make sure your firewall is turned off! ie

Windows Firewall. Go to control panel and disable it till you done updating the firmware.

2) Download Pioneer DJM-900 Set Up utility and driver (Current version is 1.20) 29-June-2011


   2a) Now that the driver is installed your computer will reconize the soundcard in the DJM-900.

The set up utility will now be displayed and any action you do will be shown on the set up

utility. ie. Moving the channel select to phono > usb

3) Connect Turntables to Channel 1 and Channel 4 on the NXS. Make sure you are connecting the RCA

jacks into the "Phono" Inputs. These inputs are your pre amped inputs.


   *************ON THE MIXER OUTPUT TAB SELECT THE FOLLOWING***************

   3a) On the set up utility for USB 1/2 select "Channel 1 Time Code PHONO"

   3b) On the set up utility for USB 7/8 select "Channel 4 Time Code PHONO"

   ********ON THE MIXER INPUT TAB Turn DJM-900 Channel SelectKnobs*********

   3c) On Channel 1 on the mixer Turn Knob to USB

   3d) On Channel 4 on the mixer Turn Knob to USB


************DJM-900 is configured to send timecode signal over the soundcard now***************

Traktor scratch Pro 2 Set Up Version (2.0.3)

Start up Traktor. If this is your first time starting up traktor you will need to follow the

wizard to set up the basics or Run Hardware Controller Set Up.

Follow these instructions:

1) Are you using an external controller?

 1a) NO

Select Next

2)Select Controller Medium

 2a) Use dropdown and select "No Timecode Control"

Select Next

3) Select Your Set Up

 3a) 2 Track Decks (Scratch)

Select Next

Now select "FINISH"

Now go to preferances, It's the little COG wheel thing on the top right.

In Audio Set Up Tab.

Audio Device should show "Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus ASIO"

In output Routing Tab

Make sure the following is selected. Please pay close attention to DECK A and DECK B Configs.

4) Mixing Mode is set to EXTERNAL


   5a) L = DJM-900 NEXUS OUT 1

   5b) R = DJM-900 NEXUS OUT 2


   6a) L = DJM-900 NEXUS OUT 7

   6b) R = DJM-900 NEXUS OUT 8

In Input Routing Tab


   7a) L = DJM-900 NEXUS IN 1

   7b) R = DJM-900 NEXUS IN 2


   8a) L = DJM-900 NEXUS IN 7

   8b) R = DJM-900 NEXUS IN 8

************Traktor is configured to recieve timecode signal over the soundcard now***************

Robert Rodriguez

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