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why would Pioneer stop using the Inafader?

I still use a DJM707 becuase me xfader is better than any other 600, 800, 900 or 1000. My xfader is so much smoother and better at beat juggling and scracthing, not to mention I think they last forever. 4000 different xfader sloops with an Inafader!? If Pioneer would have put an Inafader in the 900 Nexus I would have bought one but I decided not to. Please consider for future mixers.


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It is highly unlikely Pioneer will ever start putting Innofaders into its mixers. Innofader and Pioneer are separate business entities so it will be an after-market upgrade. Furthermore, the new style crossfader on the 900 is highly resilient and is one of the selling points of this mixer.

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