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DJM-2000 with v2 Firmware - ECHO effect sticks - requiring restart

Since applying the firmware upgrade a few weeks ago, I've been so impressed by how well my CDJ-2000s integrate with the DJM-2000, and it has given me added confidence when using the Beat Effects section of the mixer live in my sets in nightclubs.

While mixing at home, I noticed once that when applying the ECHO effect to Ch 2, I couldn't get it to stop. It stuck on at 100%, and none of the modifying controllers could alter the parameters (depth, EQs, time params, Channel selector etc). The controller lights would change, even when selecting other effects, but nothing changed in the audio, and I had to fade the track out. Even stopping the track and putting it back in did nothing, as it was stuck on what appeared to be a feedback loop at 100% echo.

The only solution was to turn the decks off for about five seconds and turn them back on again. (A quick cycle of the power, and the effect was STILL there!) This caused me some worry, and knocked my confidence about using the BEAT EFFECTS live.

But I still went ahead and did so. Playing to a crowd of about six hundred clubbers, I had to turn the mixer off (LOUD POP!) and on again a few seconds later. NOT GOOD. :o(

Thinking about it, in retrospect, I could have maybe quickly started a new track, faded out the spazzing track, pulled the mixer out of the flightcase and rewired it to another channel. But panic clouded my sound engineer's decision-making process....

However, the problem still remains. And I don't think I will use ECHO again, live, unless Pioneer is able to reassure me it is no longer an issue.

Thinking on it, I hope to God that this 'stuck effect' doesn't decide to happen with any other Beat Effect....

Pete 'Freerunner' Simpson

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