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djm-2000 doesnt read bpm since update

since i updated the mixer with the recent firmware-version, the beat-effects-section of the mixer doesnt attach to the bpm of the track that is played! the cdj-2000s show the proper number of bpm (like130), but on the bpm-count on the mixer; "40 bpm" is flashing

my tracks are analysed with recordbox so the have a beatgrid

on the very left side of the beat-effects-display you can see;


QTZ (which is also flashing)

in the advertisement-video of the new firmware i can see that "GRID" should light up on the display but it doesnt....

the cdj's are connected with network-,cinch-, and controlcables

what do i do wrong? i need help

philip goldrush

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allright it was my fault, i didnt update the cdj's

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LOL - thanks for posting back, I was reading that one, scratching my head trying to figure out what you might have done!

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