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DJM 900 Nexus with older CDJs possible?

Dear all,

I am currently using 2 CDJ 1000 MKIII, and 1 DJM 400.

I am deciding to upgrade my equipment bit by bit, starting with the mixer, and thought about upgrading it to DJM 400 since DJM 800 is discontinued.


Can DJM 900 Nexus still be hooked with the old CDJ 1000s?

Besides "Rekordbox", what are the features that will be lost if I use the CDJ 1000 + DJM 900?

Finally, would I be able to use Traktor Pro 2 with timecode CD etc?


Thanks for your input! 


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You can use the DJM-900nexus with a casette deck if you want!  Yes, it's compatible.  As for the timecode, you can run that into the mixer as it's Traktor certified.

The only features lost without using CDJ2000's / CDJ900's are Quantized effects and On-Air status.

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