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Pioneer DJM 800 No MIDI out Signal to control Serato VSL

Guys - Help please. I am trying to connect my DJM 800 to serato VSL using m-audio USB MIDI cable. Is there anything special I need to do to my mixer in order to get a MIDI signal out? I am connecting it to my USB input on a Macbook Pro (Mac OS X). I cannot get a MIDI out signal from the Mixer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If someone can walk me through how to get a MIDI signal from the DJM 800 I would appreciate it. I read through the manual and followed the steps and I still cannot get a signal out. I am connecting the mixer directly to the Mac using the cable - there is no other interface between them. 




Tony K

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@Tony K > Have you had success using the M-Audio cable (I'm guessing it's an UNO) with any other MIDI devices?  I know there are some conflicts using the UNO with DJM-700's but it could be a similar issue.

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