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using the effects of my old Pioneer DJM-600 with my new mixer - is it doable?

I have a very old Pioneer 600 - bought it brand new in summer 2000. it had a great run, but for the last 3 or 4 years was definitely in decline. most of the upfaders and crossfader and headphone jack on the Pioneer need replacing /  repair - so this week I'm finally getting a new mixer - a Rane Empath. 

but the effects - and sampler on the Pionner still work totally fune, and after so many years using it I'm used to being able to put an echo or a flange on a track, or sample it and trigger the sample with the crossfader.

 I dont have the Rane yet, and I've never tried this before.. but is there a wayfor example, that I can send out channel 1 on my Rane out to the Pioneer, put an effect on it using the effects processor on the Pioneer, and send it back to the Rane? and ditto with the sampler.   i really have no experience with this at all so please dont laugh.. just seems like it might be possible 

your thoughts on the best way I could set this up? I cant afford a sampler or kaos pad right now so I thought i'd see if i could still use the effects



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@asterix > Yes ... the Rane has a FlexFX (send return) loop, you could connect the SEND from the Empath to channel 1's input on the 600, then the master output would go to the RETURN on the Empath.  It wouldn't be the best scenario for audio quality but it would at least allow you to play with the effects without using that as your mixer.

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