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DJM 900 not showing up in networks connections.

Hello all,

   Recently purchased a DJM 900, wanted to install the latest firmware, so hook up an ethernet cable from the rear into a hub (Netgear FS108), I then took out my cable from router to comp, put that into the hub, then finally added another cable from pc to hub (win xp).

I started following the installation instructions, which part of them say check properties of your djm 900 network connection, there was not one there, however I went ahead and executed the download firmware and it established a connection to the mixer and the install went fine.

So the question is why can I not see the conenction under network connections and 2nd, is it really important not that I have done the update?

Also in rekordbox, I see the CDJ 2000 fine, but the icon for I think the mixer has link mon off, again do I really need this?

Currently only 1 cdj 2000, 1 400 and the djm900.




DJ Crazy Legs

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The upgrade guide shows how to check the version on the mixer: press and hold the EFFECT CUE and EFFECT ON/OFF buttons while powering on the mixer, the version number is displayed onscreen.

I think the confusion was not so much for you to check the network properties of the 900nexus itself but rather the wired network connection that the 900nexus was connected to in your computer.

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