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djm 900 nexus recording issues

I have x2 cdj's 2000's x1 djm900 and a amd athlon dual-core m300 2ghz, 4gb ram laptop (toshiba), I have the cdjs connected to the djm900 via analoge cables and also the whole setup networked ie cat5e cables,

the dj900 is liked to laptop via the usb and am using audacity to record.

I assighned one of the usb out as recording but in audactity when am recoring am only picking up one channel, I then assighned all the usb out to recording and this then records both channels the problem is at in the recordin when played back the audio sounds as if the pitch is being altered all the time?  can someone post a step by step guide on how to setup recording with audacity and the djm900,

I have set all the sample rates to match etc

many thanks


gareth whyte

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@gareth > In your DJM900 settings panel (on the computer) you simply assign the USB 1/2 output to be the REC OUT rather than the POST FADER setting (which would be the channel audio, not the master audio).

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