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DJM 2.0 firmware update

Hi all,

Even though Pulse has been helpful thus far, as part of my quest to get the "Pro DJ link" working, I contacted Pioneer UK today. They mentioned that I needed to check that all my windows drivers and firmware was up-to-date. So I came home with printed instructions in hand to work on uploading the new DJM firmware version 2.0 and hooked the mixer up to the laptop with Windows 7 on it. I've followed the instructions to the point where it says "Start updating by pressing "Start"" and then the DJM 2000 screen quickly shows the message "Update Error" before the message changes to "Connecting."

I thought it might have been the ethernet cable, so I trundled off to Maplins to buy three new ethernet cables. However, the guy at the shop tested the ethernet cable I was already using at home and he said it was working fine.

Can someone help me please?! Have I missed something here or am I not doing something I am meant to? I only have one ethernet connection on my laptop, which currently the cable between the laptop and the DJM2000 (Computer 1 socket) is plugged into. Do I need to connect to my local area connection by plugging into this because if I do I am stuffed due to only having one LAN connection point and it is downstairs and my equipment is upstairs? All other wireless networks have beeb disabled - does this make any difference?


David Matthews

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  1. try another laptop or PC

  2. try using XP if you can just to do the update

  3. turn off your anti-virus and firewalls

I had issues with mine and I just used XP as someone else here suggested once and it worked for me so I figured it was something in windows.


I currently have/use windows 7 64bit that I have fully stripped down and I have not had any major issues.  There are also gaming software out there that will automatically do the optimization for you as well.



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