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DJM 350 Mixer Problem - Help Please!!!!1

Hey i got a little problem with my DJM 350 and CDJ 350s, i was playing around with my decks when all of a sudden my channel one deck wasnt playnig any music out loud. The mixer shows the levels for the song playing with the lights and i can even hear the song playing on the channel one mixer through the headphones but it does not play out loud. It is not a problem with the speakers because channel two plays fine and all the cords are in place fine. One second i was playing a song on channel one and it was fine, the next i changed the song and it wasnt playing out loud. Can anyone help me with this?

Evan Gwilym

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@Evan > Do you still have this issue? Have you the channel fader set in the up position and the cross fader to the left (or disabled)?

Have you tried using the second set of Master Out pots?

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