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DJM 600 "A" side Fader Issue

Hi everyone, I bought my first mixer used and Ive run into a bit of an issue when i was testing it out. First of all the mixer was made in Japan Oct 1999 , but its in emaculate condition. There isnt wear on anything and it doesnt look like the screws holding it together have ever been taken out. On to the problem:

 I have 2 technics 1200's hooked up to it through the phono inputs into channel 2 and 3. Everything works through each channel except for the volume control being very scratchy on channel 3. The problem occurs when I try to use the crossfader. I have channel 2 assigned on side "a" and channel 3 on side "b". Only side "b" works correctly. Side "a" does not work at all, the music continues to play across the whole span of the fader. To test it I swapped to different channels and side "B" is the only one that works. The fader curve setting and the Fader start buttons dont stop the problem. Does my fader need to be replaced? Or is there a problem with the Fader assign knob?


Thanks for your help

Dan Bruinsma

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