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DJM800 intermittent master right side lowering

This is driving me nuts.  I changed all RCA, XLR, USB cables from Serato boxes, Cd players, everything.  It happens on all outs; master outs, record outs, booth outs, xlr or rca outs, etc... It is not a channel specific problem because it happens intermittent across all 4 channels, no matter what channel I am using at a given time.  I even switched over to the rotary kit, but no good.  Basically what happens is the music is playing, then the right out channel gets lower, sometimes it's say 30%, other times like 80%.  Then it just goes back to normal a few seconds later.  Some nights it doesn't happen at all, others it does. The master LED's coincide with this ducking of volume as well.  You'll see the right LED lower than the left.  I even changed the master pot and sprayed, cleaned and lubed all other pots.  The frustrating part is that this problem is intermittent.  Help///////


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