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Understanding the DJM-700 VU Meters? help please

Hello, i'm a new owner of djm 700 mixer and i noticed the vu meters are differnet from my old mixer (djm 600).

On my 600 the red led comes on +1 but on 700 the frist red led comes on  +10, before the first red led on djm 700 i have 4 yellow leds.

On my old mixer (djm 600) i used to mix with  +1 gain (1 red led) but on this djm 700 i'm bit confusing, coz on +1 gain is yellow. should i mix on first red led on djm 700? or frist yellow? how is better to mix when you have 4 yellows leds and 2 reds leds? the 600 don't have yellow leds.

Help me out please

Mando Madalin

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