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djm-t1 discontinued ???

I just bought a DJM-T1mixer only to find out the next day that this mixer will no longer be available shortly. One of the possible reasons could be that there are some license (read money ?) problems between Native Instruments and Pioneer ? Or maybe NI isn't to happy with Pioneer competing with their own Z2 mixer ? Or vice versa ? (ofcourse these are just rumours..so far )

This got me wondering, in the near future....

Can I still get (free) updates on the Traktor software?

Will Pioneer keep the DJM-T1 up to date with new firmware?

Or did the future of my investment suddenly turned very bleak & shortlived?

Any news on this?


grtz, Stef

Van den Broeck Stephaan

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I love rumours.

The DJM-T1 is not discontinued.

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