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[SOLVED] Sync CDJ-2000 Nexus/DJM-2000 Nexus with Ableton


I would like to accomplish something that should be fairly simple however I have read posts indicating the otherwise. I have 2, CDJ2K Nexus decks and a DJM-2000 (most recent firmware). I would like to add a third deck which would be Ableton Live running on a Windows notebook. This will be used to play a song or samples which must be in sync with the CDJ content. I do not want to manually set Ableton to the correct tempo. The output will play via one of the channels on my DJM-2000. Before I go out and spend the money on Ableton and a touchpad device, is this a simple AND STABLE configuration?


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@jj_spike > All I can say is that I believe it should work as you described it, although I'm not sure about the sync. I would recommend you contact Ableton support to see if them can help you further, as they would have much better experience than I would with their software product.

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