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[SOLVED] HDJ-2000 - Right channel slowly weakening

Long story short:

Had the HDJ-2000s for very light use since late 2010. Slowly, the right channel has been getting quieter and quieter.

Mono switch makes the sound balanced again. Not sure if swapping the cable does, though (swapped it out for an AKG mini-XLR/mini-TRS cable).

No chance for a warranty or help at this point? Is this problem really as widespread as it seems?

The HDJ-2000 replacement cable is on back order; does this mean I should look for a non-Pioneer cable to replace it with, as that may be more reliable?


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@Wondershock > Is there any visible damage to any of the wiring / pins on the headphones? What happened when you tried swapping the cable with the non-brand one? I believe the warranty period is one-year.

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its quite easy to pull the headphone soft cover off, open up the can with 3 screws and by-pass the switch with a little light soldering... but you will need to be confident with soldering.

my cans have just failed on the right side, but this seems to be caused by fatigue in the right hand joint... recently sent of for repair so im now back with my trusty hd25s... 

Gavin, you really need to send a BIG word back to HQ about these cans.... they cost a fortune and the reliability isnt all that considering my hd25s are year old and have been with me for the best part of my djing career... these hdj2000s have been with me for maybe 3 years.

Rather than bringing out white, black & silver versions could the note suggest they consider robust engineering, hinges, wire routing and make these cans the premium the price commands.

if the quote for my cans comes back over 50gbp they will be recycled via e-bay for spare parts.

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