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[SOLVED] Is there away to get extended warranty on the HDJ's if the distributor doesn't offer it?

Ok so this may be a really dumb question, but my girlfriend bought me a pair of white HDJ-2000's because my silver one had a cup break. I usually buy from [RETAILER]  ONLY because they have an awesome extended warranty program. I've already replaced my first pair once through the [RETAILER] Pro Coverage. The nightclub I work for owns an Apple certified reseller and they are also a Pioneer distributor. She went to my boss and got my new pair of HDJ-2000's. Their store, [RETAILER2], does not have an extended warranty program (aside from Apple Care for their Apple products) but he told me there is an extended warranty program provided by Pioneer itself available on the website. I searched up and down both the Pioneer DJ and Pioneer Electronics site and I couldn't anything about getting HDJ's covered. If there is a program, can someone link it to me?

I never get headphones without an extended warranty because honestly, there is no headphone in the history of my career I have never broken, unless I lost them at some point. I have even broke a pair of HDJ-2000's at the headband, which is why I really want the coverage. I would hate to be too careful with my white pair simply because they aren't "insured".

Now if there is coverage available from Pioneer, is there a way to get some type of extended warranty coverage by any other means? If not, I'm just going to get them insured. If these weren't half the cost of my mixer, I wouldn't be making a big deal about them, but they are too pricey to be winging it with.

Pri yon Joni

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@Pri yon Joni > I'm not aware of any extended warranty program but you can try calling 1-800-872-4159 for more information.

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