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[SOLVED] HDJ 1500 plastic bands broken on both sides and exchange way to expensive.

I got the HDJ 1500 for less than a year and I got the problem with the breaking plastic bands aswell now, on both sides.

I have no receipt, so I have no warranty and the exchange parts #WNK3942 and #WNK3943 (http://site.instrumentalparts.com/hdj1500.pdf) at http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/index.asp are way too overpriced due to the fact that it's just a little piece of bad quality plastic and not even my fault that it's broken because heaps of people got the same problem.

To replace both sides I would pay more than 100$ and I am sure it will break again after a while. I don't think it's fair to make the exchange parts that expensive because the production in China can't be that expensive.

Does anyone here got an idea how to fix it, so the earphones are lasting longer, any self-built idea?


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@Tim > If you bought the HDJs with your credit card you can likely use that as proof of purchase and get a repair / replacement under warranty.

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