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[CLOSED] My HDJ-2000 are not working after a year and 3 months

The right can of the headphones is not outputting at all. I tried a different cable and the problem persists. I believe it is the headphones. I understand that my one year warranty is no longer valid, so can someone from Pioneer please tell me what can I do to have it fixed or get a replacement for a lower price. I have taken good care of these headphones on the road and I can't believe that just over a year they suddenly stopped working like that.



Illich Mujica

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My HDJ-2000's are going on ... about 4 years now and still work. Pioneer didn't develop them to break right after the warranty expired. If you tried a different cable, it's likely an internal wire and could likely be repaired. You should contact technical support to get further assistance regarding repair. Links are located to the right.

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