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[SOLVED] HDJ-1500 Cable twisting inside headband & other issues

Hi Pioneer,

Recently I noticed the one side of my headphone's capsule started to slide very difficult and did not want to extend past 2 "clicks".


So tonight I opened them up to clean the dirt out or whatever the cause for the above.


To my shock I discovered the cable had twisted around itself inside the plastic covering, probably numerous times till it got so bad it only left a little length of cable to only being able to extend my headphone capsule to the 2nd "click". I normally used it on the 3rd/4th "click.

The cable is also fried and the inside is open and twisted, yet amazingly the sound still works.

How long it will last I do not know? and cannot risk finding out they are faulty while playing live!


Anyway, while cleaning I also discovered some small cracks that had also formed on my headband?

I do 80% weddings so do not subject these babies of mine to any harsh environments. 

I even always put my headphone bag on the tables as a surface to put my headphones on to help protect my headphones. 


Another issue that also saddens me is the discolouration of the rubber parts on the headphone around the edges to a yellowish colour.

I understand that it's white and will get dirty after some usage, but this yellow I did not expect.

I always clean my headphones with a cloth and ONLY water to try and keep the white clean.


Then lastly the tip of my TRS adaptor had come loose inside my mixer the beginning of the year!

I unfortunately lost it since but that nearly cost me the use of my headphones, luckily my DDJ-S1 has a ⅛" secondary headphone socket that I could utilise, and then removed the stuck tip at home with a pin. 



I am an long time user of Pioneer products and I am disappointed in these problems.


What are my options? Get replacements from my local Pioneer dealer I bought them from?

No other brand I would want to use but Pioneer!! 


Any help ASAP would be appreciated.

I attached some pics to show. 






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@Armand > Sorry to hear of your disappointment with your HDJ-1500's.

I've not seen the twisting issue before - do you often rotate the earcup of the headphones, or is it just expanding / contracting the earcup for use and storage?

The cracks are a sign of stresses due to flexing, this can occur in any plastic and it's likely happening because you have a large head! ;) You're not likely to see it crack any further - I have similar cracks on my HDJ-2000 headband and they haven't grown in length since I noticed them.

As for the discolouration, that is simply due to body chemistry interacting with the rubber. Some users will never have to clean theirs whereas others will have yellowing almost immediately because of the oils in your hair or any styling products you may use. You could try using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - I used one to clean the Pioneer show headphones and it does wonders.

Regarding the adapter tip breaking off, that is likely due in part to a manufacturing defect on the plastic isolation ring of the connector and an over-tight jack on your mixer. If you have removed the tip from your mixer, you can safely use a new adapter with your headphones but check for wear regularly in case the mixer is the culprit.

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Hi Pulse.

Thank you for the reply.


"I've not seen the twisting issue before - do you often rotate the earcup of the headphones, or is it just expanding / contracting the earcup for use and storage?"

Yes I just contract/expand the ear cup for storage. It is almost like the cable got stuck one time by accident and then from there it must of kept rolling over itself every time I pull out and contract the ear cup.


If the cracks won't worsen it is fine. I only noticed it when I investigated the difficult sliding of the one ear cup.

Makes sense that it could be my big head as I take very good care of my headphones. 


Thanks for the "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" tip. I understand now where the colour comes from on the rubber.


I am currently using a TRS adaptor from my previous brand of headphones so it's not a train smash, I just miss the screw-on feature of the Pioneer adaptor.

I have a DDJ-S1 and have not had the same issue so think the adaptor was just a bad one. 


Thanks again for the reply, I just want to know what I must do about the cable twisting now?

I do not want to leave it and then when my warrantee is over the cable finally breaks and I have to pay for repairs etc.

I feel this can not be blamed on the user (its internal) I hope my local dealer could at least replace the cable that connects the two ear cups?

Will this be covered under the warrantee?





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@Armand > If you are under 1 year since purchase, the warranty will cover the repairs, but best to contact Pioneer technical support (links are located to the right) and they will be able to better address the repair for you.

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