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EFX-2000 ? ;)

So we have the wonderful CDJ-2000 and the beast of a mixer DJM-2000 out and we all love them so ! But hey since we are in the 2000 model numbers

these days whats up with Pioneer coming up with a new efx .... say the EFX-2000 ?  Don't know if anyone has an idea if anything of the sort is on the way in the near future. But it sure would be nice to have one to match my 2000 set up ! ;)


Current Gear  CDJ-2000 x 2 DJM-2000 x 1    Techincs Sl-1200 Golds x 2 DJM-909 x 1   EFX-1000 x 1  (adding second efx 1000 soon)

The Dar

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Sorry, can't post any rumors about products.

Pioneer is always working on "the next thing", but we never know what it is or when it will come out.

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