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Ableton vst rmx1000 - vol meter led ?


I got a chance to play with rmx1000 with ableton vst mode..

It was pretty cool that you can use pioneers fx units on mixers which dont have send return functionality (without having to use on master chan).

I noticed that the vol meters are not active while in vst mode in ableton.. Are there any workarounds for this in ableton? I dont think u can learn vol meters in ableton and i dont think the audio is actually routing into the rmx while in vst mode..

Considering making the purchase - i thought the unit was pretty nice overall..

Kevin Savage

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You are correct in that the software doesn't actually send the audio through the device for the VST use, the RMX is simply used as a MIDI controller for the VST, as such the meters will not illuminate and there's no way to have it do this other than routing the audio out, through the RMX and back in -- but then you're negating the VST altogether.

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