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Ableton and RMX questions before I buy.

Would be really grateful if someone can answer the following questions for me as I want to be clear before I buy.

I currently use Ableton live 8 and a vestax vcm 600 to dj. I'm wanting to add the rmx to my setup as the main effects unit. I have not used any vsts before and only use abletons built in effects mapped to my vestax. What I want to know is:.

1) will I be able add RMX effects to individual channels or does it effect the master only?
2) is it possible to add RMX effects to more than one channel and how do you swap from one to the other?
3) will the effects be automatically in time with the global tempo in ableton and warped tracks?

I simply want to be able to add effects to my 6 different channels (deck 1,2,3 like traditional decks with my full tracks and deck 4,5,6 with loops and samples). So for examp,e I have channel one playing with a song clip and I want to add say the sweep effect to that channel whilst I add my built ableton effect mapped on my vestax to the second channel clip incoming track, is this how it works?

Sorry if I sound stupid but I'm new to vsts and I love the way the RMX sounds from the videos, plus I want a little more hands performance with the hardware and the ability to totally transform a simple loop sample.


Ferhan khan

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1) Ableton Live allows you to add virtually limitless numbers of VSTs to any channel, or multiple channels, or the master.  The major limitation will be your computer's processing power.

2) See #1 for the first part of the question, in terms of swapping, you can have the VST windows opened or closed, but all instances will be controlled by the RMX hardware because it is pre-mapped for the MIDI control.  You can change the MIDI channel in the VST window for each instance, but then you'd require other MIDI hardware to control it.  What you could do is simply click the "Plug&Play" button in each RMX VST window and thus disable the incoming control for that instance.

3) Yes - the effects will be in time.with Live's master clock.

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That's great pulse thanks for the info. Is there anything else in terms of setup that I need to know when implementing the RMX to my ableton setup to ensure it runs smoothly?

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