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RMX-1000 v1.31 Firmware Update Comments...

Thanks Pioneer for the RMX update, here are a few comments from me...


  • BPM percent increase and decrease by pressing the [NUDGE (+, -)] button is shown in the [BPM] display on both remixbox and RMX-1000.

    Useful, but how do we quickly reset this to 0?

  • The response of some buttons of ISOLATE FX and SCENE FX has been improved.

    Any more detail than that or do we just assume that it's now better in some way?

- Fixed issue where the volume of SPIRAL UP/DOWN (SCENE FX) got excessively loud.

This is a nice tweak.

  • Improved the sound when BACK SPIN (RELEASE FX) was about to disappear.

    Hmm, not too sure about the new sound myself.

  • Fixed the issue of QUANTIZE when it was used with OVERDUB (X-PAD FX).

    If this is the 'lag' that ocurred when using Overdub to record a pattern on the X-Pad then this does seem to have been improved nicely.


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1) I'll ask if there is a way that can be accomplished.

2) Quicker reaction time when buttons are engaged.

5) Correct.

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