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RMX-1000 trails time based effect?

Hey guys I have a quick question. Is there an ability to to slip/trail time based effects (like the DJM's effects bus) on the RMX-1000? If not is there any word on whether this is going to be included in a future firmware update? I'm mostly concerned with echo effects once they are disengaged through either the effects kill switch or even through the isolators, is it possible to have echo trails remain until they fade away rather than a hard cut of the RMX's output through the kill switch or by disengaging the effect.




I should clarify I am aware of the echo setting on the killswitch but even this kills the track running through the effects unit. I wan't to know if there is an ability to leave the original audio playing and trail the effects until they fade away.

Thomas Anthony Dimitri

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Try using the FX source buttons on the left hand side (INPUT and X-PAD buttons) - they'll determine what audio runs through the isolator section and into the scene FX. For example instead of using the release fx switch to disengage an echo, turn off the "INPUT" fx source button when you're ready to get rid of the effect and the dry track will return, with the echo tail heard on top.

You can use different combinations of these two buttons to apply any of the effects to different parts of the sound including the release FX - so for example you could apply a vinyl brake effect to just the tail of an echo from the scene fx by turning the INPUT fx source button off before hitting the kill switch. Likewise you could apply the isolator/scene/release effects just to drums from the xpad / sampler but not the track underneith.

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Thanks Matt i never really thought of that but it seems to work! Cheers!

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