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[SOLVED] How to connect a Pioneer DDJ-WeGO to a RMX-1000?

I would like to know how to connect DDJ-WeGO to a RMX-1000, now i find out like I connect the output of the WeGO to the input of the RMX-1000 then the output of the RMX to my speakers or my computer it will be work fine??please help me thanks :)

i see this guy connect the DDJ-WeGO to a RMX-1000 and it work find??


Huy Huynh

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@Huy > Your only option is to connect the RMX post-master. That means connecting it up between your Ergo's master output and the amp / speakers. You will only be able to add effects to the Master channel and not independent channels as the Ergo does not have Send / Return.

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