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RMX-500 Setup allowing 900nxs FX and Record Out


This is my first post here.  I'm trying to work out its possible to connect the RMX-500 to a 900nxs.  Using the send return method seems to remove the FX on the mixer, and connecting the RMX-500 via the Master Out (in between the mixer and speakers) means that using the Record Out from the mixer won't capture the RMX-500 FX.

Is there a setup that will allow me to use both the 900nxs FX and Record Out using the RMX-500?

PS.  i do realise that I can connect the RMX-500 directly to the CDJs, but I'd rather not have to buy two RMX-500 units if I didn't have to...



James McKenzie

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@James > You'll need to set the FX dial on the mixer to Send / Return to use this functionality. While that is set, its not possible to then apply the mixers internal FX units. You can record directly from one of the Master Outputs rather than the Record Output.

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