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Aiff tag/artwork support in next Rekordbox update?

Finally I can buy my music on Beatport in high quality sound with all the tags and artwork, (just like a 320 mp3) so I can get the best out of my cdjs2000s/djm900.

The only problem is when I drop the tracks in to RB all the tag information is in "Title"  and no artwork show up.

Then I have to manually fix the tags myself to get it right.(Artist in artist,  and so on...) and manually download all the artwork from google/discogs, just like when I bought wavs...(time-consuming)

Since cdj2000 supports aiff tags I hope rekordbox soon do the same:)





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Thank you for comment:) I know aboute the iTunes solution with the Bridge and I have tried it out after read your post a couple of months ago. But my problem is that I dont wanna mess up my iTunes libary with my "DJ music". Its just for all my artist albums I have bought or imported from my CD album collection.

I wanna have the opportunity to drop my tracks direct from my "Rekordbox Media " folder and in to RB... I know you can do this in Traktor with all the tags and artwork working.

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