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Track order

After adding tracks to a playlist in RB, i want to change the order in how i want them to play on my CDJ.

I can't just drag & drop them wherever i want, don't know why though because this seems the easiest option and i tought it was like that in previous version of RB.

did a search on here and found something about "renumber track order"

So i right click, see that option, click on it and.... nothing happens.


Am i missing something? I thought a pop up or something was gonna come so i can change the number of the track.


someone can guide me trough this?

Using latest RB 1.5.1



Tom Peeters

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I found it. :D

you need to get that white triangle in the numbering column, then click renumber track order and then you can drag and drop your tracks the way you want.

Hahaha, lost of clicks to just arrange some tracks. ;)

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@Tom > Glad you were able to answer your own question great satisfaction to be derived when you figure something out for yourself ;)

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