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Am I doing this wrong...?

Hope someone can help. I have not been getting on with my Rekordbox software. I want to use it to power my CDJ 850's but at the moment I seem to be using a mix of Itunes, Mediamonkey and Rekordbox and it is very time consuming.

I have managed to isolate a scenario which is causing me grief.

Say I have spent a couple of month downloading Nu Funk tunes, and I have a folder which is summer 2011NuFunk. I can have 50 or 60 tunes in a folder like this, and I know the songs in there, but I won't know all the titles/artist names because they are still all relatively new to me.

If I then import into Rekordbox, they are immediately put into artist folders, and I have no way of finding those 60 songs from within my collection. So because I can't find them, I can't turn that folder into a playlist.

This is why I find myself having to use Itunes.

Am I missing something here? Can anyone suggest a better way of dealing with this scenario?

Thanks in advance...


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@Ed Ockelton > It may be helpful that after you use "Bridge" or import new tracks into your Rekordbox Collection, make sure you right click on the Column Title bar, and make sure there is a √ beside "Date Created". NOT "Date Added" because it will be different.

Once you have √ Date Created, select it in the Column Title bar and your tracks will sort from the most recently added to first added. If it's in reverse, just click it again and it will change the order. Them you can search through all your tracks you have added in the last XX amount of days and then send them over to a new playlist.

Let me know if that helps any.



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Or you could always show the file location column and then select those tracks and move them to a playlist...

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