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Auto-Play Feature Recommendation

I just had an idea - if RekordBox had the option to automatically play songs in the same sense that iTunes does it would completely replace iTunes for me as my default music player. It could be an option you could toggle on/off, but to have the option for it to automatically play the next song once one finishes (in a playlist or whatever you're searching) I think would be handy. Not sure if Pioneer wants to go this route, but I think it would be cool :)


Also, I find it pretty annoying that if I search for something and delete a song it clears the search - what if I'm searching for specifics of songs I want to delete? Would be handy if the search stayed there as well.


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rekordbox is a music management software, but if you want it to play continuously, you can do that from the hardware; just disable auto cue and let it run.

The search clearing is something we've noted to engineers before but I'll pass it along again.

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