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Relocating Files and Issues with "Collection"


I just moved about 8GB worth of music from one spot to the other on the hard drive and now I have yellow exclamation points all over the place. I think this will always be a huge issue for me as I keep my music organized and frequently change up my file folder structure.

I don't like that once you put a track into the collection you cant move it anywhere else on the hard drive or you will have issues....this feels extremely unfriendly.

As well, I don't move five songs around....when I move stuff into a different folder its hundreds of tracks at a time.

Secondly, once I put everything onto an SD card, why cant I erase the entire "collection" and put the SD card and all its info, loops, cues, and actual files, BACK into the collection just as it is on the card? This would streamline my collection as I would always be adding and deleting songs from that point forward.

Adding and adding to my collection in perpetuity seems asinine. Having a billion songs in my collection that aren't doing anything organizational drives my OCD crazy....


I hope I'm missing something here and I appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance.

Michael Wellman

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Almost 2 years without reply! 

I appreciate Rekordbox doesn't work like Taktor in that it won't modify music files with tags for Cue / Loop points (annoyingly) but there must be an easy way of moving files around without losing the cue points... mustn't there?!


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@Tim > Sometimes threads fall through the cracks.

The relocation process is capable of retaining your cue points and wave data - what exactly is it you're doing to the files to move them around so much that it's a problem and the relocation can't find them?

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