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Suggestion: solved the problem with flac! without any change of hardware in player!

Everyone wants to better sound quality. This requires the extension flac or wave. From previous discussions we understand that the flac player is unreadable. Fortunately there wave extension. The problem with the extension wave is that he has "info tags" as mp3's.

It is possible to create a command to move everything before "-" in the 'Artist' column. In this way it would be very easy to write information about the artist and title to all the tracks with the extension wave. just click and done! All these in recordbox.



ARTIST                         TITLE

                                       David Guetta - The word is me

Click the button on the menu, say "auto move artist in collumn artist"


ARTIS                           TITLE

David Guetta              The worl is me

Thanks, I hope these article help.

toma gelu

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However only when the song is written from the beginning correctly: "artist" "-" "title".

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