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Exporting a rekordbox library from one rekordbox to another


I just bought a new laptop and want to move all my music collection from rekordbox on my pc to rekordbox on my laptop do u know if theres a way to do this?

Seif Ziwar

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Hi, I use Rekordbox on laptop with prodj link and cdj-900 at the club. At home I prepare my sets with rekordbox on my pc and export it to my laptop. Everything works perfectly for more thant two years at 3 gigs a week.

There are differents possible ways to do it, but in any cases the best is to  make your laptop a mirror version of your pc. Read this section, details are important: Migrating Your Rekordbox Database

By using a syncing software your database and music location will always be the same for rekordbox. My laptop is a Sony Vaio and I Use FreefileSync to export. With this configuration my pc is always the master. ( To avoid confusion, after a gig with your laptop,  you should export your history playlist to your pc via usb stik. In my case I use the export XML functionality within Rekordbox )

Here is a example of the my paths:





My Laptop

\ Franck-vaio\franck\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox



I know it seems  complicated but you only have to configure it once.


Have a nice day


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Okay this is a good Thread.

This is something PIONEER should include in Rekordbox, I have a high spec. PC dedicated for studio work and music and also run Rekordbox on it, on the other hand I have my laptop.

Both are high quality, 64 bit, win7 pcs. with Intel I7 CPUs.

It would be GREAT to have some kind of function to keep the rekordbox database on these 2 computers and be able to sync them without having to manually do a lot of technical things.

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