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My Playlists

Ive been using rekordbox for so long my playlists are a mess

Just saying :)

Nick Hilton

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Are you keeping multiple backups of your library? I have one harddrive which is categorised by artist and a second which is categorised by genre (folder structure categorisation). When I download my tracks, I process them in T&R then export to both harddrives and into their respective playlists on rekordbox. Whats your current workflow?

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This was only a random comment,

I have my collection on 1 drive (backed up on another drive and not used)

i create playlists - when i want to use the playlist i export it to usb sticks

when i get music it is cleaned with mp3val and dropped into rbx using genre and album tags to identify

i regularly keep a backup of my only database

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