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Rekordbox 2.0.1 bug

When populating a USB drive / SD card from Rekordbox v2.0.1 (Windows), the specified "sort options" are not loaded into CDJ-2000's (non-nexus) using firmware v4.1 or earlier. Tested with two copies of Rekordbox on different machines, plus firmware 4.1 and 4.0. It makes no difference whether you specify sort options in preferences or directly in the device's info panel.


Considering that every DJ we know on the house circuit uses SD cards and sort options - and every club we play in has CDJ-2000's with firmware 4.1 - this is a massive issue.



Rob Swire

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Thanks Rob > As per our Twitter conversation, I've informed the engineers - you have my email address should you need to get in touch again.

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