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Best Method of Organising Tracks

Sorry of this has already been covered in another topic but I couldnt see anything which covered what I was looking for.


For months I have been wondering how best to organise my tracks. I have at the moment a 2tb ext HD with all my single tracks for mixing with everything else being pushed to another HD for non-mixing purpose.

At present I dont use itunes for any DJ tracks and simply pull stuff over to RB when I need to add it to a flash drive ready for a set etc.

I just wonder if this kind of restricts me to having other stuff avialble. I do have my HD very well organised in months, artists, charts, labels etc but I know its not the best way of doing things.

I just wanted to know what people find the best way, i.e.......itunes, RB, etc.

when my Nexus 2000's come tomorrow I am going to start using LINK straight from the Macbook Pro I think instead of a flash drive with the ext HD pluggin into the Mac but also wondered if this seems the best way. I have always used flash drives with the 2000's in the past.

I know they say if a system works for you then dont change but, I just want to work as slick as possible ans feel what i'm doing is not quite right at the mo.,

What do you guys do.

I look forward to hearing what you say


Mike Fearn

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I recently lost all my playlist and also moved from 80k to 22k songs.  So I started fresh, I am also interested in knowing how people do their playlist but I can tell you what I have done so far.

I use iTunes to arrange my songs and I also only use Smart playlist only.  When I add a song, I make sure I update the tag to go in specific playlist.

I have a folder for genre and years and record pool.  For example, Genre >Dance >2000s > here I have 2-3 smart playlist based on BPM but limited to 1k songs ( I had to split them for RB).

Genre >Dance >1990s-

Genre >Dance >2000s

Genre >Dance >2010s

Genre >House>1990s-

Genre >House>2000s

Genre >House>2010s

For smaller lists like dubstep, deep house, Trance, etc I place it here:

Genre >Dubstep

Genre >Deep House

Genre >Trance

I just have to make sure w/e song I dump in my library has a year and a genre to go into a playlist.  Anything song that has neither are placed in the "Rest"  playlist rested in each folders.

Thus far, I find this style very successful in organizing my stuff.  I do not need to drag and drop, it will go there based on the tag, just like a database file.

FYI, I am going that route simply because I am also currently taking an Oracle class (database program) so I find it fun to work that way.

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I'll keep this short.

I have two backup drives. On the first, I keep ALL my music categorised by genre. On the second, I keep ALL my music categorised by artist. On my internal drive I keep the majority of tracks I know I will use the majority of the time - a regular Spring clean helps. If I need a somewhat obscure track, I know I'll probably have it on my backup drives if not on my internal drive.

On my internal drive, everything is organised by custom playlists.

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I use Itunes as my main music source. The Music I Want to use for djing I then Bring into Rekordbox using the bridge. Be sure to disable Itunes to sort your music. Otherwise Rekorbox would not find the song if you change something in the tags!


I Always Dj from my flashdrive and I use the colors as maps. Purple=House, Red=RNB & HipHop. If I got everything sorted under color the tracks will be showing after the song title as default. In the color maps I akso have the choice to sort after genre. In the House color mapp for exapmle I can then go for Deep house, Tech house and so on..


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