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Rekordbox novice

So I've decided to use rekordbox a bit more, got a spare laptop and tried to get things to work, but having some teething problems. I got my cdj 2000's on day of release, but never liked (and still don't) rekordbox much. I bought an external hard drive and only used rekordbox to analyze and transfer tracks to the hard drive, making playlists etc. I'd then delete my songs from 'collection' on the pc, keeping all my original files on another hard drive as back up.

What I want to do now. I've put all my iTunes tracks from my PC to my laptop, and using bridge I can drop a track to deck 1 or 2 no problems, all good. But when I plug in my hard drive and open 'device', I can't drag any of the tracks or tracks from playlist's made with rekordbox. Is this right? Another thing I'd like to do is get all my music off the hard drive and into my laptop's collection. Is this possible? Keeping playlists etc?. I've tried to drag the 'contents' folder from the hard drive into 'collection' but it just crashes rekordbox.

Another thing is my wireless Internet connection stops and switches to Ethernet when I connect my cdj's via this cable. If I go into ethernet Internet options and disable Internet, the link function stops workin but I get wireless Internet back. Why does rekordbox/cdjs need Internet function? I am using an old wireless router to connect it all up, as I was told this will work fine. It does, but I loose wireless Internet. What do I need to get round this? Just a hub?

I've made some wicked, massive playlists using rekordbox. Can I drag them to a folder or iTunes? Burn a cd etc?

Also, is rekordbox available in white?


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I believe if you remove songs from collections after exporting it to a media file...you will not be able to drag songs from media file into collection.  I will suggest to maybe import it into iTunes, use bridge and put it in collection and after that, import your playlist.  Try that if that works.

Dont delete your collection FYI :)

Make sure you do not plug your dj system in the internet jack..it is usually label or apart from the other "4" ports.


As far as I know, no if your songs are not in collections. Try dragging the songs into iTunes like i said up top.

That would be nice..changing colors. 

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Thanks for the reply. I will do as you suggest or use mp3 tag or something to get all the tracks from the contents file on the externa HD and put them into a folder, so i can put them into collections. What would be great is if i could just drag them off the HD into my empty laptop's rekordbox. But then that would be to easy. I'll have to spend years re doing it all again.

The only reason i deleted collection was to save hard drive space. Ive no use for 'collection' if it is all on my external drive that i use only with my players.

Ref the ethernet cable, i only have one on my laptop, so if i plug my cdj's in i cant use internet. How can i download while i play?

And it would be cool if you could just drag a track from rekordbox onto a cd burning software or something. I'd love to burn or make copies of my history and playlists rather than have to find the original file and copie one by one.



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