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Deleted all my playlists 2012.november. Help pls. !!!

Good Morning!

Sorry for disturbing you but I need your help because there appeared a problem. I have deleted all the playlist with the CDJ-2000nexus player where the music styles were divided into categories like Ex. House: House Progressive, Minimal, Tech- House, International: Pop, PnB, Drum'n' Bass. But the all tracks did not disappear, only the playlist. How can I fix that back?

Thank you!  Nagy :)


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if you havent closed rekordbox then you can rename datafile.backup.edb to datafile.edb then it should open the backup database

if you have closed rekordbox then you are screwed.

Unfortunately there is no trash or undo with rekordbox as no one saw fit to put it on the software :(

And you are not disturbing us as we are here to help :)

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