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Recordbox 2.0.1 and DJM-2000

Hello to everybody! Sorry for my English.

I have a little problem, maybe I am doing something wrong? Please correct me. I don't find the answer at another articles.

  1. I have CDJ-2000 and DJM-2000 and my MacBook. Mac connected to DJM with LAN cable to COMPUTER2 port and with USB cable.

  2. I open the RB. See the LINK button and press to it.

  3. I see my devices in RB. Thats OK!

  4. I try to drag some track to DJM in the RB. 

    LINK Monitor is ON at the audio preference of RB.

  1. I press PLAY on RB, but I don't hear the music and I don't see any music level or indication on DJM channel 2.

    I checked my audio outputs on MAC and RB. There is DJM-2000 output.


  1. When I unchecked LINK Monitor (OFF) at RB audio preferences then I see green indication and hear the music.

     But at this situation (LINK Monitor is OFF) I can't drag another track to DJM in RB. 

    When LINK Monitor is ON, I can drag tracks but can't hear the sound.


What cause the problem? What I do wrong?


RB ver 2.0.1, DJM ver 2.01









Yevgeniy Luchshikov

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I wanted to use RB on my MAC like another one player at another DJM channel. I wanted to play tracks and apply different effects. That was idea.

LINK monitor is ON - I can't apply effects because track dont play at the channel 2.

When it's OFF I can do it wery well but I can't drag and change track so fast.


I must open preferences, press link monitor ON, drag the track, again open preferences, press Link monitor OFF and then I can do something with the track by DJM.

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