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Want a playlist with only tracks in, no artist folders on USB


I am using Rekordbox to export my tracks to USB sticks as I'm in a country too hot to use a laptop to DJ during the day.

So I have found I have the same problem no matter what I do.

What I WANT to happen is to have my USB stick with folders, named things like Funk, Deep House, Lounge, etc. Then inside those folders to just have the NAMES ONLY of each track - and I would name it ArtistName - Track Name.mp3 so I can clearly see what each track is before playing it or not - 

BUT only that.

Right now, I get folders with each individual artist, often with only one track in and inside the album name folder. I don't want this.

When I use Traktor with my laptop it's brilliant because it plays the tracks directly out of the iTunes playlists exactly how I organised them and now I can't put more than 1 genre on each USB stick because all the artist folders are all on the same level and they all look the same.

It's fine with a small amount of music but with a lot of music, it doesn't work.

Please can anyone help me?

It's like this is all wayyy TOO complicated - I just want to keep it simple...





Clare Thwaites

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@Clare > I take it you are using rekordbox, correct? If so, then rekordbox doesn't currently support different folder export options like you mention. What you will need to do is create playlists and export them as you see fit in a similar manner to however you would categorise the folders (so rather than having a folder named DEEP HOUSE, have a playlist in rekordbox created as DEEP HOUSE and put the relevant tracks in there).

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I feel you on this one.

For me it's the main reason I don't use rekordbox.

I don't want seperate folder for each one of my mp3's

I have my music organized the same way you do on my 64 gb flash drives.

One folder per genre of music. DEEP HOUSE - HOUSE - TECHNO - TECH HOUSE - DOWNTEMPO etc etc...

I manually renamed all my mp3's this way:


I manually analyzed all my mp3's in "mixmeister bpm analyzer"  then renamed all 40gb of my mp3's, it took a while before I finished. (one week)

I also clean all my mp3 files with "dbpoweramp" to take out all unnecessary things I don't need like artwork and recordlabel info etc...

I hope rekordbox will have the feature where it doesn't automatically make a folder for every single mp3 in the near future because I would like to see the wave form load instantly on my cdj 2000's screen when I select an mp3.

Let's see if they find a way around it.

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But why does it matter what way the artists folders are placed on the drive when you can be using custom searches anyway?

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