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Rekordbox workflow with Aero. Novice warning!

Yesterday, I've purchased a new Aero-  loving it to bits, but despite goggling lots of info, I'm still a little lost.

My music is on a partition on my (Windows) Laptop (and mirrored onto a few external USB drives).

Previously, I've been using VDJ, which created an XML file in the root of the drive.


Ideally, I'd like to use my Android Tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1) for browing tracks during gigs.



  1. Should I analyse the music on my local HDD or the USB?
  2. I did try analysing the external HDD, but couldn't see any new files created on the external drive, so I'm unsure how the Aero would know anything about the prepared tracks-  does the database get transferred from Rekordbox running on my Laptop to my Android device?


Any help very welcome,

Many thanks, Jason

Jason Clark

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@Jason > Ok, lets get a few things straight. Where is your music database you want to work with? On your internal HDD? If so, import those tracks into rekordbox, let them be analysed by the software, and then export as necessary to whatever media you want to use. Remember, the media needs to be formatted to FAT32 as this is the recognised partition structure required.

Once you get this running correctly, get back to me and we can address using the Note.

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