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Pro DJ Link connecting but players fail to show up

This is the first time I have tried to link my CDJs to my laptop. The CDJs themselves link fine together via a switch, so all cables are working.

The link registers, the player number flashes, and the link button pops up on the laptop. When I click on the link button, the bar at the bottom appears, but no player icons are visibe, nor is rekordbox visible in the link on the CDJ.

The problem still happens when I connect my CDJ directly to my laptop.

I am running rekordbox 2.0.1, and 4.20. on the players. I have 3 CDJ 2000's and am using a mac running mountain lion 10.8.2

Any ideas? I've done all the firewall checks, and followed all the tips I've read and seen. But I have yet to come across anyone with this type of problem.

Thanks for any assistance


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Are you sure you have the firewall set to allow Pioneer traffic? Are you using any antivirus software? What model switch are you using? Is ProDJ link on its own network?

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