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uninstall instructions will screw people up, be careful!!

the uninstall instructions on the RB download page make no sense being that if you delet the Rkordbox folder like they say, you WILL lose everything, Is this just for "PC" users? If so, it should be noted that Mac users should NOT delete their /user/Pioneer/Rekordbox folder or you will lose all the work. If that is not the folder they are referring to then which folder do you want us to delete. Fortunately I have not deleted anything, just warning people who may

here are the instructions:

Uninstall the current version of rekordbox.

If this is your first time installing rekordbox, please continue from step 2.

  • Move the rekordbox folder to the trash bin. 
    Note: Database information containing track analysis results will not be erased when rekordbox is uninstalled. 

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