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Transfering tracks from RB to USB extremely slow

Everytime I try to export playlists or whatever even when I try to export single songs by dragging and dropping Its painfuly slow, I mean as of right now my RB is transfering 57 song to my 2.0 USB stick, it's been like 40min and counting...


Is there any way for rekordbox to export songs more faster?

Carlos Sandoval González

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Yup. Transferring 300 songs, I'm 45 minutes into the process and it's about 40% done. Plus, I use 850s so I have to do this twice, once for each usb stick. I know rekordbox transfers waveforms, cue points etc but...wow. I can make the same transfer (a couple gb) in a couple of minutes through OSX. Did this issue exist in RB 2.x? If not, can I still get a copy of the old rekordbox?

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