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Exporting updated cue points & info to USB not working


Im having a little problem with rekordbox. I imported some tracks into rekordbox, got them analyzed, corrected beatgrid, set first beat, made some cue points, made a playlist and exported the playlist into my USB. So far so good, everything worked 100%, no software crashes and the rekordbox tracks in the USB worked wonderfully on every compatible cdj ( by the way, rekordbox with cdj 2000 nexus is a BOMB, congratulations ).

The problem came when i updated some cue points ( memory ) hot cues and some track info like "style" and "label" and exported everything again into the USB. A pop up message came saying the existing playlist already existed  and asking if i wanted to replace the existing files. I clicked yes and the files were replaced....well, kind of, cause just 10% of the new updated info was exported to the existing tracks in the USB. I exported again everything and the same happened. I think this might be a bug, or else those 10% of new updates wouldnt be exported. I know that when you export a track that is already in the USB, rekordbox only exports new information ( and this is an ESSENTIAL feature ), so why isnt rekordbox exporting 100% of the new updated files?


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