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Best practices to manager your Rekordbox playlist with your USB one

Hello All,

I have been using Rekordbox for a very few weeks already and I'd like to know if some of you could share the way they manage the transfer of their Rekordbox playlist and the one on their USB.

Last week I had to play in a 100% Nu-Disco party, therefore my USB was filled with Nu-Disco tracks. Next week, having to play in a deep house party, I manually removed my Nu-Disco playlist on Rekordbox and created a new "Deep House" one but, once the track transfered. I realized that all the Nu-Disco one were still in the USB, I had to manually remove them all.

Is there a better way to manage that (a sync à la iTunes/iPod)? 


Thanks in advance, 


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@Tortue > Currently, no. You'll have to delete the tracks from the USB to make room for more tracks / playlists.

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